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Global Passion Films is an Indian film production company, owned by Dipak Shroff through its wholly owned subsidiary Shroff Group of Companies, and is one of India’s  Regional film production companies.

“Global Passion Films has consistently pushed boundaries across the spectrum, creating and producing entertaining content and engaging audiences worldwide through a vast variety of different platforms. Our mission is and will always be to deliver world-class, ground-breaking stories through quality, innovation, and detail, that touch lives across the globe.”

What started out as a simple notion to provide content for the television broadcasters has today grown to become an entertainment powerhouse known as Global Passion Films Under the hands on leadership of Dipak Shroff (M.D).

As a reigning expert in the T.V. medium along with being credited by many to have polarized and changed the face of the Indian Regional Cinema, we are committed to being proactive visionaries to stay ahead of the competition.

We are one of the finest movie studios in the country and has worked with most of the leading regional actors and actresses in the industry, Today Global Passion Films has etched itself in the industry as a provider of differentiated cinematic experience.

With geographical boundaries disappearing in the world of the internet, we aim to make our content seamlessly available globally. Our digital business is all about igniting a surge in direct entertainment consumption, from which we can now capture the entire value stream, right from the earliest sparks of content idealization to the final point of the consumer across platforms.

As we look to further our growth and continued success, we are committed to enhance shareholders value and provide distinctive content that our audiences expect from us. We will continue to expand through our expertise in content creation across TV, and Digital and provide entertainment to our millions of consumers. In time, we wish to emerge as one of the most recognized and most influential entertainment providers globally.